Types of Videos



Arthritis Foundation

This was all shot inside a studio with greenscreen technology. The convenience and privacy-controlled environment make filming inside a studio a win-win for you and your project... Because everything is already set up for production in a studio overall cost of your project is almost cut in half and is generally 50% less than if you filmed at multiple locations.

Promo Video

Heckmann Financial

This was the homepage video we created for a Northwestern Mutual Team, Heckmann Financial, and included the following services: Creative Writing, Production, Editing, Animations, Graphics, and aerial shots with a drone.

Blog Video

Shoreline Inclusive Camping 

This was done for part of a social media campaign to help bring awareness of a new company in Madison, WI. The video was shot and edited for the intentions of releasing on social media and website blog. These kinds of videos can have amazing results in getting traction (SEO) with online Search Engines.


Capital City Tree Experts

This is an example of a testimonial video filmed for Cap Citys website. These are a great way to connect with your potential new clients, by showing them how happy your current clients are with your work.

Training Videos

Aras Promotions​

This is an example of a training video series created for Aras Promotions. This is the 1st video of a 12 video part series.

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